TRIBE Wallet

Supports EOSIO, Algorand 
with FIO addresses


Key wallet features:

  • Import multiple EOSIO accounts;

  • Create free FIO addresses like name@tribe;

  • Create or import Algorand accounts;

  • Send and receive EOS, TLOS, WAX, BOS, and Algo tokens;

  • Have full view to your EOSIO accounts resource utilization;

  • Convert across EOSIO coins (ex. EOS/TLOS);

  • Manage your resources: stake/unstake tokens;

  • Backup and recover encrypted private keys.

  • Multi EOSIO accounts
  • Free FIO addresses
  • Backup/recover private keys

FIO Requests

Send and receive FIO requests in any cryptocurrency;
Link all your cryptocurrencies public addresses to a single FIO address.

Learn more at


  • FIO Request
  • FIO Send
  • Link all crypto to single FIO address

Private Key Delegation

Delegate encrypted segments of your private key to FIO trustees without giving away knowledge of your private key to anyone;
Recover your private key if lost;

Learn more here:


  • Backup private keys
  • Choose your own trustees
  • Recover key if lost

Supported cryptocurrencies:

Wallet Security

Your imported private keys
always remain on your device and never shared with us except for encrypted delegation to trustees (optional).
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